'Women of Impact' Recognition 


Michele Zommer is a Connecticut USA native who has lived in service to small business women with marketing support to help them grow. In 2023, she launched StarFare pop-up cultural events to help people reconnect to the power of creativity. She's an inspiration to women and the Weruche Inspires Women of Impact 2023 'Community Leader" Award Winner.

"Nourish your creativity. Your brilliance can solve the world's urgent problems, with a bonus: you'll feel alive!"

We celebrate her.

Fereshteh Ganjavi is the award recipient of our Women of Impact - "Social Impact" award.

She's a former Afghan refugee, community advocate, public speaker, founder, and executive director of Elena’s Light, a nonprofit based in Connecticut. Additionally, she works for the Refugee Council USA. Her passion lies in empowering refugee families through health education, personalized ESL tutoring, and cultural community exchange programs. Her ultimate goal is to advocate for education, insurance, and employment rights for everyone regardless of their immigration status.

“Refugees contribute to our country. We are entrepreneurs, essential workers, advocates, and neighbors. Our nation had the infrastructure to welcome refugees, and now is the time to stand out as a nation of refuge.” - Fereshteh

Nky Iweka is Weruche Inspires Women of Impact "Cultural Icon" 2023 Award winner. She is the owner of Pitanga Restaurant - Nostalgic Nigerian food with a Twist. Having eaten her way through the world, the British-Nigerian is now on a mission to introduce the delights of Jollof, Egusi, Nkwobi, etc, to a wider audience

She graduated with a First in Computer Science and a Distinction in her MSc (Decision Sciences). After that, she worked as a management consultant (Unisys and PwC).

"It takes a village to raise a child. It’s taken a village to build Pitanga into what it has become." - Nky

Bushra Mahdi

Women of Impact 2022 Award Winner 'Design and Culture.' 

              We celebrate her.

Chinasa Obijiaku

Women of Impact 2022 Award Winner

'Health Champion ' 

                We celebrate her.

Celebrating the Winner of our 2022 Women of Impact Award - Susan Clinard.

                    'The Arts'

We celebrate her.

Ezinne Obijiaku

Winner - Women of Impact 2022

Social Champion Award 

We celebrate her.

State Rep. Robyn Artifaye Porter

Winner of our Women of Impact 2022 -

 Community Leader Award.

   We celebrate her.